9/7/2014 Open Houses

heidi open houseMethuen SEPAC would like to thank everyone that helped us at all the schools to have successful open houses. We met some great and caring parents and the kids are so excited and always make us smile. My favorite part this year are the parents that don’t have special needs children and signed up so their children will understand our children better. What a great idea and wish more people thought this way, Methuen SEPAC applaudes you. Anyone that wants to know more about special education, interested in our meetings, events, or just would like to lend a hand, please feel free to join us , knowledge is power and miscommunications and false info can lead to ignorance. Help us help all children understand and spread acceptance. Thanks, Methuen SEPAC

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  1. La2Lip Reply

    Your organization is an inspiration, which is exactly why these parents bring their children to be educated and compassionate. Keep up the great work!

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